Heather Phillips

Mobile Memory 2009-2012

Mobile Memory is a collection of ink and acrylic sketches on wood panels of aging camper trailers. Using found images, and personal photographs, Phillips removes the trailers from the context of their original travel photos, and imposes them on the existing wood grained landscape of the panel.
By removing the context, the viewer is free to make their own personal connection with the work. Phillips is interested in the connection and nostalgia many people experience, often sharing stories of forgotten memories of family camping trips and good old fashioned road trips.

Title: Mustard Trailer
Date: 2009
Dimension: 6″x8″
Medium: acrylic medium & paper on wood panel

Heather Phillips holds a BFA from York University, where she studied studio art and curatorial studies. Phillips often works with concepts of memory, the home, and how those two ideas come together within the spaces we inhabit. Phillips is the co-owner of ARTiculations and the creator and curator of the PGP (Portable Gallery Project), a transportable gallery space that moves around the city. She currently lives and works in the Junction.

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