Catherine Mellinger – original mixed media collage

I have been putting glue to paper since I can remember. Having been born in the prairies of Saskatchewan to an Alsacian father, Acadian mother, and now living in Toronto, I am convinced that the puzzle that is my history was the founding of my fascination with bringing disparate images into one cohesive whole. Having studied fashion communications and graphic design, in 2009 I moved my focus to the study of Expressive Arts Therapies while continuing to committ to my practice of collage.

My works blend paper with ink, pencil and watercolour to create images that verge on memories real or imagined; glimpses of something happening that is just out of reach and perhaps even understanding. My work focusses on the creation of image-based narratives founded in fables that explore dreams, nightmares, memories of times passed and those yet to be experienced; remembering, searching, questioning, longing and losing. I attempt in all of my works to above all, create relationships; between images, between myself and the pieces I am creating, and working to construct a potential relationship that can occur between the viewer and the piece once it is on the wall.

My more recent works have begun to explore anatomical images in an attempt to make them a central character in their own story. I believe one many levels that the story of our bodies is linked to the story of our world.

To purchase any of my works, please contact me either by email or phone.

Catherine Mellinger


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