Our Coffee

The finest and freshest beans roasted by ethical roasters (think direct trade and fair trade) with the highest standards; the cleanest, freshest, thoroughly filtered water run through state-of-the-art machines; extracted and brewed by seriously trained baristas.

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On the Road: The Coffee Edition

This has always been our dilemma when travelling: where to find a good cup of coffee when we’re away from TO?
Here are some suggestions:

  • New York: El Beit (Brooklyn), 9th Street Espresso, Grumpy’s, Abraço, RBC, Kaffe 1668, Blue Bottle
  • Chicago: Intelligentsia, Metropolis
  • Boston: Simon’s, Diesel, Crema (unrelated)
  • Vancouver: Elysian Room, Revolver, 49th Parallel Café, Crema Café (unrelated)
  • Montreal: Café Myriad, Cafe Saint-Henri.
  • Portland, OR: Heart Roasters, Coava, Stumptown, Ristretto, Barista, Public Domain