The promotions offered by CremaCoffee online casinos can lead you to numerous victories and more substantial winnings! Promotions are an essential element in the daily life of a player. Discover this space reserved for the explanation of the various bonuses and promotions in our casino! 

Welcome Bonuses

As the name suggests, this is the bonus that convinces you to sign up at CremaCoffee and not another. To be able to enjoy extra money and get your hands on a slot machine jackpot, we offer 100% bonuses up to C$1000 and 50 free spins.

Loyalty Bonuses

The least we can say is that CremaCoffee has some in there to reward your loyalty. This type of bonus is awarded based on your recent or past activity at the casino. On this occasion, you will receive a nice gift, often with a time limit, to thank you for staying loyal to our gambling site.

BRONZE300 points5 weekly cashbackx10 wagerSPECIAL EVENTVIP TOURNAMENT
SILVER500 points6 weekly cashbackX8 wagerSPECIAL EVENTVIP TOURNAMENT
GOLD1000 points7 weekly cashbackX6 wagerSPECIAL EVENTVIP TOURNAMENT
PLATINUM2000 points8 weekly cashbackX4 wagerSPECIAL EVENTVIP TOURNAMENT
DIAMONG3000 points9 weekly cashbackX2 wagerSPECIAL EVENTVIP TOURNAMENT

Referral Bonuses

When you find a product of exceptional quality, it’s always nice to share it with your friends, isn’t it? You may be surprised to learn that in the CremaCoffee, this is even rewarded.

If you are a charismatic and convincing person and you love casinos so much that you talk about it, and then you can get benefits from our referral program. You will receive an extra 200% match bonus up to C$200 on your friends’ first deposit.

Anniversary Bonus

The name says it all; we keep a calendar and note all the important dates. Your birthday is one of them, and we let you know by offering you a special bonus that only happens once a year! You will get C$500 and 25 free spins. And with a bit of luck, you’ll be popping the champagne to celebrate your extra year.

Exclusive Bonuses

Well, the exclusive bonuses are by far our favourites simply because we participate in them! Indeed, the exclusive character of the bonus comes from the fact that we offer some special promotions that can be up to C$500. Check your personal account in order not to miss your exclusive offer.