The biggest mobile online casino jackpot

Online casino jackpot

Twenty-five percent of Canadian gamblers prefer to log into online casinos from tablets and smartphones. And just a couple of years ago, you could count them on your fingers. With each update, mobile casino versions are becoming more convenient, complete and generous. Thus, in November 2015, a lucky man from Stockholm (Sweden) managed to hit the biggest jackpot on mobile in mobile casinos’ history.

Mobile Mega Fortune jackpot

The holder of a record cash reward of 8.6 million euros ($ 9.5 million) was a thirty-year-old resident of Stockholm. The man played in online casinos ComeOn on Mega Fortune Touch slot (manufacturer NetEnt). Alexander bet only C$2. It turns out a gift of more than C$10,000, 000, the man received, having spent only C$2.

Canadian dollar

Impressions of the winner

At the moment the congratulatory message about the win appears on the screen, players often cannot believe their eyes. Many of them start calling the support service to make sure that what was happening was real. On the other hand, Alexander played at night, and after receiving the message of victory, the first thing he did was to wake up his wife to share with her boundless joy.

What to spend the jackpot on?


The main question that interests people around him is, “Where will the lucky man spend his millions?” Alexander found a decent answer. The man planned to repay the mortgage debt, buy a new car and go on vacation.

A few statistics

Slot machine Mega Fortune has not once made of the ordinary players of millionaires. Thus, for him are still a few, not mobile jackpots:

    In September 2011, the jackpot owner of C$13 million became a player from Norway. The amount of the win was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

    In January 2013, a 40-year-old player from Finland added C$17 million to his account. The winner pocketed millions thanks to a bet of 25 cents and a stroke of luck. These facts are irrefutable proof that slots produced by iSoftBet – the most generous slot machines that give big winnings, even with tiny investments from players.